“Bucket” – Part One

Hello! I’m back from my break, and I’m ready to share a story that I wrote a few months back. I wrote it for a writing contest, and I’m going to be posting it here in parts. Here we go!

* * *

It did not bother Helena that her mother was staring her dead in the eyes.

“What do you think you’re carrying?” her mother asked, blue eyes boring into her brown ones. Helena always had a terse, never-changing, monotone response. “It’s just my bucket. I’m putting it back in my room.” As she was about to head up the stairs in the routinely, borderline robotic fashion, her mother grabbed her shoulders and turned her around. Helena raised an eyebrow.

“What are you really doing?” she inquired, skeptical.

“You caught me when I was going to go upstairs and review my plans to infest the planet with chicken ninjas,” Helena deadpanned, evading the question. “It was really a surefire way to take over the planet.”

“I’m not sure you’re really trying to do that,” her mother pressed.

Helena rolled her eyes. “ Duh, Mom. That’s a painfully obvious statement.”

“Don’t give me sass, young lady!” her mother snapped. “Now give me the bucket.”

“Why?” Helena retorted.

“You always carry that thing!” her mom complained. “I want you to walk around the house without carrying that orange bucket for once! Why is that thing so important to you?”

Helena sighed. “We don’t need to go over this again. I’m trying to get Thomas Bucket into space.”

Ever since she was four, Helena had been trying to launch her bucket, Thomas Bucket, into space. Her father had given the bucket to her and told her that anyone could do anything with an empty bucket. Helena tried launching the bucket into space that afternoon by merely tossing it in the air, but there was no luck. After that first attempt, Helena would always plan out ways to launch her bucket into space with her best friend, Antonio. The two of them started something called the Bucket Fund, which consisted of all of the money that Helena and Antonio had ever owned. It went directly toward the bucket effort, and every single dollar from their allowances, every gift of money, and every bit of spare change would go into the Fund. There was probably two hundred dollars total in savings.

Her mother returned the sigh and gave her an expression Helena couldn’t decipher. All Helena could tell was that her mother’s eyes were bleeding blue sadness. “Helena, can you follow me to the living room? I have something to tell you.”

Helena knew what this was about. “This is gonna be about, ‘Your father was trying to make you happy, and you know a bucket can’t go into space!’ You’re kinda predictable.”

“No, Helena, it’s not. I want you to just follow me.”

“Oo-kay. Whatever you say.” Helena followed her mother to the living room. Sunset was streaming through the large backyard window door and through the living room window. Helena’s mother took a seat on the old, brown leather sofa and motioned for Helena to sit next to her, eyes still bleeding sadness.

“We need to talk about your bucket,” Helena’s mother said.

“Why?” Helena rebutted. “We already talked about this.”

“Helena, I’ve been getting comments on whether or not you have hobbies. I’ve only replied saying that my daughter likes machinery and engineering. If they had heard that my fourteen-year-old daughter is overly devoted to her bucket, they would think…they’d look at me and ask me why…why…I let my daughter…” She sighed and put her face in her hands. “I love you, Helena, and as your mother, I am concerned for your reputation.”

Helena scoffed. “My reputation is gonna be fine, Mom. It doesn’t really mean anything if I want to send a bucket into space.”

“I understand that. But there are terrible people who look down upon people who are different from others and have different hobbies and interests. They are such closed-minded people who live under a rock and think that different is bad. So for your own good, I want you to just give up on this whole bucket thing.”

I want you to just give up on this whole bucket thing.

Helena flinched. Those words felt like a slap to the face. And they came from her own mother, the woman who always told her to never give up.

“This is for your own good, love,” her mother said, trying to fix what she broke. Too late , Helena thought as she rolled her eyes. The deed was done. The words were spoken. Words, like time, can’t be taken back.

Helena said precisely this. “Words, like time, can’t be taken back.”

* * *

That’s part one! See you on Friday with part two!


The Story That Sucked

So I’m sorry if I couldn’t post for the past week (and for the fact I’m posting on a Tuesday)! My computer decided that it didn’t want to work for some reason. But we’re good for now.

I’m going to tell you about the first story that I wrote when I moved to the Bay Area. I was using hotel-issued pen and paper and a couple sheets of graph paper while drinking a matcha green tea latte from Peet’s Coffee. The result is a six-page, embarrassingly bad script about a Plantagenet family reunion. Honestly, I don’t think I’m going to share it with you guys (or anyone) because it sucks so much. But I mean, this is what happens when you’re in the process of moving and you want to write something.

Oh well.

In other news…I’m ON BREAK for the rest of this week and the next two weeks! I’ll be traveling! When I start posting again on August 13, I’ll have some fun new content to share with you, and that involves a story I wrote that doesn’t suck!

Staying True To Yourself

I’m going to deviate a little from Shakespeare or writing to talk about staying true to yourself on a blog. One of my friends, an awesome blogger, inspired me to talk about the topic. You can read her post here.

I’ve noticed that my Shakespeare posts don’t get as much traffic as my writing posts (thus far). For example, my post about Camp NaNoWriMo last Monday got way more traffic than my post that same Friday about Iago from Othello. That weekend, I seriously thought about abandoning the Shakespeare operation. I thought that maybe people didn’t understand my Shakespeare jokes or my sense of humor. Then my mind went to the naysayers. If there are any out there, will they speak up and try to bring me down? I really took a moment to consider all these factors.

Then it just hit me: It really doesn’t matter. I thought to myself, What matters is that you stay true to yourself and you keep going. I really think that this website is an exciting new step in my life, and I’m going to talk about whatever I want on it, Shakespeare or not.

But again this Monday, I had that self-doubt moment when I saw that I had zero views on both my Iago post and my Cal Shakes post. And all of a sudden, I had one view. Yes! I looked closer to see what it was for, and it was bittersweet when I found out it wasn’t for either. It was for Camp NaNoWriMo. I love Camp NaNoWriMo and my post about it, but I was just disappointed it’s the only post that got more than one view. I had no idea what to do.

I just sat down and thought to myself again, Shakesgeek, you can’t do this. People aren’t interested in Shakespeare. And if they are, they’re interested in a completely different way. That was enough to almost make me throw in the towel. I understood that sites don’t get their start right away, but I just felt so bad. I looked at multiple writing and books blogs, and they had hundreds, even thousands, of followers. Me? I only had two, and it was myself and one other person.

What should I do? I thought.

Then it just hit me.

I realized that if I wanted to write about Shakespeare one day, then I should. If I wanted to write about writing another day, then I should. If I decided I was going to write about writing a blog post and blogging the next day, then I should.

I decided to stay true to myself.

And here are my tips for staying true to yourself:

  • If you are passionate about something, blog about it! It isn’t about the views.
  • You are brave for creating a website. Nothing will pick up right away, and sure enough, your bravery will pay off.
  • If, one day, you want to blog about something completely different from your usual stuff, go ahead. A once-in-a-while change is completely okay.
  • Please, for the love of Mike, don’t have your blog stress you out. Enjoy yourself.

I hope that you enjoyed this and that you stay true to yourself, both online and in person. See you on Monday!



Trying To Find A Shakespeare Production

Hello! The site is still relatively new, so I’m still trying to find a layout and design that works for me and for you guys. So I apologize for the inconvenience if I keep changing the format of the website. Thanks for your support!

I moved from my hometown in Southern California about a year ago and now live in the Bay Area. It’s a nice area and all, but my only issue is trying to find a good Shakespeare festival/theater/whatever near me. So I found out about the California Shakespeare Theater (Cal Shakes) in Orinda, and I knew I had found my theater. I went to their website to look at their summer 2018 season, and I found that they had a mashup of parts 1-3 of Henry VI and Richard III (or so I think; maybe it’s just based on history, but if so, that’s okay with me) called The War Of The Roses. That’s all well and good, but when I looked for tickets for opening night…

…there was only one ticket left. And there were two people going. Needless to say, I was a little upset. But I still had to get tickets somehow. I’m currently looking for a time that I can go, so wish me luck! And if you’ve seen a Cal Shakes production, tell me how it was, because this is my first time going!

Iago And Snakes

So I’m sorry if this came late–I’m in a bit of a rush with everything! And my post deleted itself, so that sucks.

So I got a lot more views on my last post about NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo than I expected…maybe this means I’m going places! But for now, we’re back to Shakespeare.

So I’m just really mad that I won’t be able to go back to SoCal to see my hometown’s local production of Othello because I have things to do during the exact same time. To celebrate the occasion, I’m going to compare one of Shakespeare’s greatest villains (Iago) to one of nature’s most slippery and slithery animals (a snake). I mean, the resemblance is uncanny. Even more than you initially think.

On one hand, we have Iago, and on the other, a snake.

Iago “bites” Othello by planting a seed of jealousy in his mind. When a snake bites a human, side effects can include blurry vision, and Othello’s “vision” is manipulated by Iago and makes him “see” things wrong. This eventually leads to a chain of events which includes Othello’s downfall.

But Shakesgeek, you might be wondering. Villains in Shakespeare do that sort of thing all the time! You’ve got Edmund, Richard III–

Iago is not only directly and indirectly responsible for most of the deaths in the play, but also doesn’t die at the end.

But Don Jon–

Don Jon doesn’t cause any real deaths. Hero fakes her death, but that doesn’t count.

But I digress. Iago is directly and indirectly responsible for most of the deaths in the play, and he slithers away alive when the damage is done.

It’s uncanny.

Camp NaNoWriMo

I participate in NaNoWriMo and in Camp NaNoWriMo. For those of you who don’t have a clue what those are, NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. It’s an event where you have to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November (if you complete 50,000 words, you win). You have to force yourself to push through the writer’s block and write as much as you can, even if your writing sucks (NaNoWriMo calls that “locking away your inner editor”). Last year was my first year doing it, and because I got a really bad sickness during the last five days of November, I clocked in at only 40,630 words. Camp NaNoWriMo is essentially the same thing, except it’s in April and July, and you can choose your own word count goal. I’m going for another 50,000 word novel this July called The Repository. If you’re a fellow Wrimo, feel free to shout yourself out in the comments!


I finally have a set schedule! I’ll be posting Mondays and Fridays. See you on Friday!

The First Shakesgeek Hall Of Fame Inductees: The Guys Who Started It All

So this is just an idea I came up with about having a hall of fame. So here you go:


What is the Shakesgeek Hall Of Fame, you ask? It is a hall of fame of Shakespeare’s characters, historical figures that have to do with Shakespeare, and stuff like that. If this thing gets more traffic, I might have people vote for the inductees!

Now for our first two inductees, aka The Guys That Started It All (drumroll please)…

William Shakespeare!


He was a playwright who lived from 1564-1616. His famous works include Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo And Juliet, King Lear (my favorite), and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon and moved to London sometime around 1592. He became an important member of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men (renamed the King’s Men in 1603) sometime around 1594. during the course of his lifetime, he wrote 38 plays (if you include The Two Noble Kinsmen). He died in 1616 in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Why Choose Him?

Our very first inductee is most certainly the #1 Guy That Started It All. He’s the one who wrote all of these plays, and without him, I wouldn’t be William Shakesgeek.

And now for inductee number two (drumroll please)…

Richard II Of England! (the character and the actual person)


Richard II lived from 1367-1400. He was known for inventing the handkerchief and for being the titular character of Shakespeare’s Richard II. He was born in Bordeaux, France, and he became King Of England at ten years old. He diverted the Peasants’ Revolt by saying, “I am your captain! Follow me!” and managed to stay on the throne through the first crisis of 1386-1388, when the Lords Appellant forced him to exile or execute most of his inner circle. However, 1397-1399 was the time that was considered Richard’s “tyranny.” This was the time period that Shakespeare based his character on, who was careless and cruel. Richard II was deposed in 1399 by Henry Bolingbroke (the new Henry IV Of England) and died in captivity in 1400.

Why Choose Him?

He’s the #2 Guy That Started It all. Without him either, I wouldn’t be William Shakesgeek. He’s the reason why my lucky number is 1399 and why that’s all over the site.

So those are my first two Shakesgeek Hall Of Fame inductees. I’ll be posting these inductions here and there, and I hope you’ll enjoy my selections!

Meet The Shakesgeek

Good morrow! I’m William Shakesgeek, and I love Shakespeare. (You probably guessed that already though…) But Shakespeare is not the only thing I enjoy. I love to write and make music as well.

A little feeling inside told me I had to get out there and present myself to the world. I couldn’t just sit around and do nothing my whole life! I had to make myself known, and I had to do it now. I’m ready to show the world who William Shakesgeek is.

I’m going to talk about Shakespeare, writing, or whatever else comes to my mind. I don’t have a regular posting schedule yet, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

But for now, adieu!